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We believe that mutual understanding among different cultures can increase competences which motivate us to spread out training courses with you through BrainUpLab

BrainUp Lab has developed a range of training courses which are adapted to the new programme of Erasmus+. Those courses are ideal for Key Action 1:

  • Mobility project for School education staff 
  • Mobility project for Adult education staff

Eligible for this action are schools (i.e. an institution providing general, vocational, or teaching education on any level from pre-school to upper secondary education) or any private or public organization active in the labour market.

People are the most valuable assets in our company!

Our courses

Interested in our training?


Erasmus+ projects in the specific categories are addressed to schools, institutions, organisations and companies. In order to get financial support, you need to define the European Policy Plan for your entity in order to specify its needs, to write and submit a project to your National Agency. Under these projects, the staff of your entity will realize a mobility abroad for receiving a training course appropriate to the internal needs. In the framework of those mobilities are supported transnational partnerships with organisations which materialize the training courses and act as hosting organisations. The funding covers the costs for all required activities (including travelling, accommodation, personal costs etc.).

If you already applied for a training and you were selected by your National Agency, BrainUp Lab is ready to be your partner organisation in Italy (Sicily or Tuscany). You can contact us in order to arrange a Skype conference for examining our possibilities for partnership

In order to achieve the objectives of your courses, BrainUp Lab collaborates with many local stakeholders who are involved in the projects. Professional staff and experts who cooperate with our organisation at local level, implement the training courses, according to the subject of your proposal. Training courses contain also visits to local organisations and companies in order to implement workshops or seminars. In all courses modern technological equipmentare used.

You can choose one of the courses in the list below and download the suggested program. If you don’t find in the list the training that fits to your needs, feel free to contact us at

Give us your feedback

 by Adriana on BrainUp Lab
European Project Design And Management Course

Interesting course, great staff, very helpful!
Daisy, Errol and all the team, thanks for your efforts.

 by Teresa on BrainUp Lab
Multicultural teaching

I am so glad that I was able to participate in the training organized in Sicily. The professionalism of coaches and organizers that want more. Atmosphere friendly. It was great. Thank you all for your hospitality. I recommend to all international training.

 by Andree Wendering on BrainUp Lab
European Project Design and Management course Oct 2016 in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto

Ok, this is my first informal review feedback ever, and I'm pretty happy to provide it here and on this occassion!

I rated this course with 5 stars because everything was simply perfectly matching my needs and expectations.

Starting with the curriculum, schedule, and training materials … going through tutor, staff, director, and co-students … to training facility, area, and accommodation.

None of my questions were left unanswered no wish kept being open. I took away many valuable new insights, attitudes, and skills, my brain and my heard opened widely to contribute more effectively and emotionally to driving further European integration on the local level of my hometown.

 by Päivi Kolehmainen on BrainUp Lab
Multicultural teaching - course

The course was well arranged. We had an inspiring teacher and good exercises. The staff in the arranging office was very helpful. All in all, a great experience.

 by Maria Volika on BrainUp Lab

The seminar was successful. It was very well organized and I gained a lot of experience.
Karolina, the trainer was well informed and open hearted giving the best to us. The group of the trainer and the six teachers (2 from Greece and 4 from Ireland) had a very successful cooperation.
In addition, it was a significant experience to have visited the refugees centers. We had the opportunity to speak with refugees and hear their different stories. We enjoyed also the trip to Taormina and Etna.
Thank you all for your hospitality!: Federica, Nino, Erol and the others

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