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Erasmus+ Training


This course is eligible for the Erasmus+ funding programme

Over the past century, the tourism sector has seen growth and has also contributed to the world’s economic development. Therefore, the need for professional and educated staff for tourism activities has increased. The scope of tourism studies and trainings is vast and includes such specializationsas travel agents, hotel and resort staff, tour guides, restaurant managers and even transportation professionals. Building a career in the tourism sector requires excellent interpersonal skills and strong technical competences. This training course would be a great opportunity for your to improve yourself in both fields!

Target Group – Students and educators from schools and organizations specializing in the tourism sector.

Objectives – To teach participants how to face and deal with various challenges and tasks occurring in the rapidly changing world of tourism. To offer a complete and innovative understanding of tourism practices.

This training course will help you improve your knowledge in the following areas:

  • Studying and teaching tourism management in a specialized school;
  • Examining tourism potential in a certain area;
  • Measuring potential costs and benefits of tourism development in a certain area;
  • Organizing and promoting events and tourism activities;
  • Planning of operations related to hotels, resorts, event centers and restaurants.

Methodology – The training course will consist of the following activities:

  • Professional seminars will be conducted by recognized experts in the field. The emphasis will be put on toursim education and hotel management;
  • Participants will attend meetings and round table discussions with experts who have valuable practical experience in the field of tourism, event and hotel management;
  • Non-formal education: informal discussions among the participants and recognized experts in the field, sharing of personal experience during informal coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, an opportunity to observe the work of professionals in the sector of tourism and event management in the informal environment.

Detailed Description – The training week will start with a presentation about the Italian culture, BrainUp Lab program and the region of Sicily. On the following day, participants will learn about education management and teaching methods implemented in a local specialized tourism school. On the upcoming days, a number of meetings with recognized experts in the field will take place, participants will have an opportunity to have open discussions with managers, directors succesfully working in the field and the council for tourism in the city of Milazzo.

Training Outcomes – After the training, atendees are expected to better understand the specifics and challenges of the industry and become able to independently perform day-to-day activities observed and discussed during the seminars and meetings. Also, to become able to use critical thinking and skills gained during the workshops in order to solve difficulties and problems faced on daily basis.

Another important part of the training course in is the knowledge shared by local highly experienced experts succesfully working in the field. Future and present tourism management specialists will be able to apply the invaluable tips that they will receive during the training on daily basis.

This training will also expand participants’ career opportunities, as they will bring home experience and knowledge from abroad that will make them more prospective employees not only at their home country but also internationally.

By the end of the course, attendees are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and difficulties towards starting a new business, and to be able to deal with these issues easily and independently. Through the courses and the workshops, they will become confident in the world of business, not only in the traditional ways but also in business incubators and other special instruments and opportunities. They will also gain an understanding of the local way of managing a business, which will enrich their deeper understanding of business in general and give them a wider perspective on their management opportunities. Through their business plan and its evaluation from professionals, they will realize their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them to become better entrepreneurs.

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