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Erasmus+ Training


This course is eligible for the Erasmus+ funding programme

The participants will improve their knowledge in the field of early school leaving, receive theoretical background, and enable sharing of best practices and get hands on experience. Also they will be taught on the special needs of children and how to identify children at risk of exclusion?

Target Group – Teachers of primary and secondary educational institutions as well as of vocational training institutions.

Objectives – Early school leaving is linked to unemployment, social exclusion, and poverty. There are many reasons why some young people give up education and training prematurely: personal or family problems, learning difficulties, or a fragile socio-economic situation. Since there is not a single reason for early school leaving, we believe that the way the education system is set up plays a huge role. Also the early school leavers were somehow incapable of completing mainstream education.

Methodology – During the training programme, the participants will get hands-on experience with methodologies, approaches and forms of assessment which should support pupils with different needs and whose use in education should prevent early school leaving. They will also develop their skills in communication with difficult pupils and parents and practice their skills in preventing and handling conflicts.

Training Outcomes

  • Involvement of and cooperation with parents of children at risk early school leaving;
  • Supporting professional development including comprehensive strategies;
  • Provide examples of good practice, excursion and cooperation in school institutions for children with risk behaviour and special educational needs;
  • Gain knowledge of best practices and latest research in children’s mental health and related fields;
  • Promote innovative, active inclusive education and intercultural trends;
  • Enable participants to meet colleagues of different nationalities, discuss their background and cultural differences, and build a network of teachers for future cooperation.
Early-school-leaving for brainup lab
Early-school-leaving for brainup lab
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