Entrepreneurship education: a guide for educators

A course by Luiza Czajkowska, Flery Rusaki


Luiza Czajkowska

Luiza Czajkowska is a non-formal education trainer and facilitator who partners with Universities, NGOs, businesses and solopreneurs to deliver bespoke educational experiences, human-to-human. After spending over a decade working in Education and Training, Luiza knows what truly drives conversations, change minds and encourages dialogue - and it's not necessarily a degree - it's how well you connect with the people and communicate your understanding back to them. Luiza is active in several local, national and international organisations and networks; She is a past president and member of a board of the European Co-operation Centre in Krakow, where she was responsible for international affairs, training and public relations. Luiza implemented over hundred of projects within national and international educational frameworks. Following her interest in cultures and while looking for a research topic, she completed an internship at the Cocoa & Coffee Company in Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast. She won a placement on International Human Rights Training Program held in Montreal, Canada in cooperation with Equitas Foundation and McGill University. In February and March 2006 she researched the Guaraní Indians in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. She received a Masters in Political Regional and Cultural Studies from the Jagiellonian University. Luiza has served for five years as an external expert at British Council, evaluating applications funded by European Council's Erasmus+ Programme in the UK. She has extensive experience in the nongovernmental sector and the Lifelong Learning Programme. She has prepared and conducted dozens of training, seminars and courses in the field of entrepreneurship, quality in non-formal education, transversal skills, civic participation, European and intercultural issues in almost all European countries, Canada and Israel. Since 2015 owner at Creative Training design.

Flery Rousaki
Flery Rousaki trainer

Flery Rousaki is an experienced project manager in e-learning and classroom based educational programs. Working on creating a new mindset in learning & professional training.

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