Environmental-Sustainability-Fairtrade for brainup lab

Erasmus+ Training


This course is eligible for the Erasmus+ funding programme

This training course offers participants a panoramic and innovative view of sustainable environmental protection and Fairtrade and how to ensure their work practices more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The course is conducted by a highly qualified and experienced trainer, who will help them gain more insights of each topic, along with some workshops in Fairtrade, study visits in companies and a natural reserve area.


  • To increase awareness and sharpen professional knowledge of key Environmental Sustainability concepts & Fairtrade;
  • To engage participants to take an active role in sustainable environmental management and identify environmental effects;
  • Increase the understanding of Fairtrade functions and its principles in business practices;
  • To develop recommendations supporting continuous program enhancement, specifically in respect to quality community partnerships.

Methodology – Our programs are highly interactive, starting with the theoretical approach to the main concepts of the training course, we proceed an open learning environment with a case study approach that we have found to be an effective method of fostering discussion and transferring knowledge.

During the training course, the participants have a chance to perform some study visits & exchange good practices with local professionals in order to deeper technical understanding of the topics.

Training Outcomes – By the end of the training course, the participants will:

  • Understand sustainable environmental management in accordance with specific policies, principles and legal responsibilities;
  • Understand how to deal with waste management procedures, and how to respond to Environmental Sustainability for the Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 Agenda of EU;
  • Understand the environmental issues and how we face them accordingly;
  • Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of Fairtrade and how to run it in well-being business practices;
  • Acquire a thorough insight to new techniques and methods within sustainable environmental protection and Fairtrade and help them to more familiarize with Italian practices;
  • Increase their career path with promising opportunities and support them in transferring and exchanging their new knowledge and experience back home;
  • Earn a Certificate that is a valuable supplement to their career life upon completion of the course.
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