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Get the know-how of EU Project Management and a chance to put your knowledge into practice!
brainup lab EU-project-design-and-management

Based on the Project Cycle Management (PCM) Guidelines set out by the European Commission, the major phases of a European project will be introduced: the analysis stage (including the analysis of the stakeholders, potential problems, objectives and strategies), the planning stage, the implementation, monitoring and, finally, the evaluation stage. There are many software tools that help to make project management much more effective and efficient as they facilitate the creation of a step-by-step schedule for the project, from its inception to completion. Some of them will be introduced during the seminars (e.g. ProjectLibre). An essential part of designing and managing a project is a strong network of partners. Therefore, some key skills and tools will be introduced to ensure effective communication for both maintaining the contact with already existing partners and targeting new potential partners. The training course will end with a workshop where the participants will have to demonstrate their creativity and present the new knowledge and skills gained during the seminars.

    1. Teachers (especially in the trade/economy field), individuals desiring to start a business in the EU project management field
The training course aims at teaching the participants how to successfully design and manage European projects, from the initial stage of analysis, moving on to the project writing and implementation to the final stage of evaluation.

After the training course, the participants are expected to have a full understanding of the entire EU project management cycle and be able to independently work in the area. Also, the participants will acquire some practical experience and will definitely be able to apply the tips and insights shared by the local experts working in the field. The training will also expand participants’ career opportunities, as they will bring home experience and knowledge from abroad that will become more desired employees not only at their home countries but also internationally.

The training will offer valuable theoretical material, provide all necessary information, practical tasks and activities for the participants to learn how to manage European projects. In order to give the participants a chance to learn from real individual experiences, professional entrepreneurs successfully working in the field will be invited to conduct a number of seminars during the training. The course will designed in a style of non-formal learning, which means that the participants will be constantly actively involved in all the course activities, they will have to apply their critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork skills. Also, the participants will have a great opportunity to acquire expertise during informal discussions with the recognized experts in the field, share their personal experience during informal coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, and have an opportunity to observe the work of professionals in the informal environment.

The participants will attend two advanced seminar sessions, one on Motion Graphics and one on Coding for Designers, afterwards two workshops will be organized in order to apply the theory learned. The second seminar will be in cooperation with professionals working at two highly successful local companies “AG Grafica” and “Grafica Idea” in order to meet the participants’ needs.

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