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Erasmus+ Training


This course is eligible for the Erasmus+ funding programme

The program offers participants a panoramic and innovative view towards education systems and foreign language teaching methodologies. Participants will learn about the foreign language teaching methods in Italy and foreign language curricula. Throughout the week, the participants will visit various education institutions where they will engage in job-shadowing activities and participate in workshops to learn about new teaching methodologies, curriculum development strategies, also methods of how to motivate students, and how to get local businesses involved in order to help support foreign language learning.

Target Group – Teachers specialized in foreign language teaching.

Objectives – Being a foreign language teacher requires much more than only profound knowledge of the subject, the teacher must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, be extremely creative and innovative in order to capture and maintain student‘s attention, to constantly keep up with and look for innovations, new ideas on how to make lessons interactive and interesting. Also, the labour market for foreign language teachers is highly competitive, therefore, foreign language teachers have to think of competition pressures and look for ways to standout and provide the best services and most interactive lesson material. The training course will examine innovative methodologies of teaching foreign languages.

Methodology – This training course designed specially for foreign language teachers offers broad theoretical background and hands-on activities.

The training course will consist of the following activities:

  • Professional seminars that will be conducted by recognized experts in the field. The emphasis will be put on the best practices and activities that could be applied for teaching any language, the course will also tackle the question of incorporation of foreign language classes into traditional secondary school and the latest research in the foreign language teaching field;
  • Informal discussions among the participants and recognized experts in the field, sharing of personal experience during informal coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, an opportunity to observe the work of professionals in the sector of foreign language teaching in the informal environment.

Training Outcomes – After the training, attendees are expected to better understand the specifics and challenges of the foreign language teacher’s profession and become able to provide more professional and innovative services. Also, to become able to use critical thinking and skills gained during the workshops in order to solve difficulties and problems faced at work everyday. An important part of the training course is the knowledge shared by local highly experienced experts successfully working in the field. Future and present foreign language teaching specialists will be able to apply the valuable tips received during the training on daily basis. This training will also expand participants’ career opportunities, as they will bring home experience and knowledge from abroad that will make them more prospective employees not only at their home country but also in the international labour market.

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