Innovation class

Going digital in a smart way

A course by Diana Ionita, Gabriel Brezoiu


Diana Ionita
diana ionita trainer

Diana IONIȚĂ has academic studies in Communications with a focus on intercultural discourse (BA and MA) and complementary training in Advanced Facilitation, Psycho-pedagogy, Global Education, or Education for Development in a multicultural environment. She has been actively involved in youth work since 2010, volunteering or working for various NGOs such as GEYC, European Youth Press, United Nations Volunteers, Youth for Exchange and Understanding, as a communications coordinator, project manager and/or trainer. In 2012 she participated in a 9 months EVS project in Lorca, Spain, at Cazalla Intercultural Association, where, besides other activities, she supported the team with organizing and facilitating pre-departure and on-arrival trainings, as well as the future volunteers to find, choose and apply for the most appropriate projects. Currently, she is also working as an online facilitator and coach with Soliya and Sharing Perspectives, within the Erasmus+ Virtual framework.

Gabriel Brezoiu
gabriel brezoiu trainer

Gabriel BREZOIU, Gabriel is a trainer, youth worker, social media expert, and project manager working in the youth field since 2007. With a formal education background in project management and non-formal training in over 15 countries, he is passionate about travelling, meeting people from other cultures, and activating young people in various ways. As a non-formal education trainer in entrepreneurship, Gabriel is specialized in using design thinking, Business Canvas Model, creative expression, and digital tools methodologies to enhance young people and youth workers' entrepreneurial spirit and to support them to transform their ideas into actions. Since 2010 he initiated the GEYC Community, one of the first digital youth work practices at the European level where the community members are connected to various personal and professional opportunities (over 1000 opportunities every year are provided) functioning as a networking hub for young professionals and youth workers. In his role as General Manager of GEYC, Gabriel is supporting and coaching his colleagues in developing their intrapreneurial potential. As the president of PRISMA European Network, he is lobbying towards national and European authorities to create a new support framework for entrepreneurial education and the development of the entrepreneurial eco-system in the European Union and beyond.

* BrainUp Lab guarantees the training course only if the minimum numbers of 4 participants is reached.

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