Multicultural Teaching

Crash course on building resilience - managing multiculturalism in the school environment

A course by Andreia Bessa, Adelina Dragomir


Adelina Dragomir
adelina dragomir trainer

Adelina is a youth-worker, project manager, dissemination expert with a formal background in Social Studies and Communication, Behavioural Sciences and Marketing. She is currently the Head of Entrepreneurship & Employability at GEYC. Working as an expert in non-formal education for more than 6yrs, in her trainings she is tackling subjects related to digital education, social activism, entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking and personal branding. Her interaction with young people all over Europe has provided insights in their educational needs and led to a better knowledge of the proper methods to approach them, an advantage she used while planning methods and curriculums with the partners all over Europe, including and ISD UK. She was the Romanian project manager of Young Digital Leaders, a European programme developed in partnership with and ISD that aims to empower young people (12-15 years old) from disadvantaged backgrounds through digital citizenship, critical thinking and media literacy skills equipping them with the skills needed to be safe, powerful and effective online citizens, of the #PlayEurope initiative, contributing to developing the Manual of the Success Stories and the Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Social Entrepreneur. She is the dissemination expert and Romanian project manager of the DIVERSE project, that aims to promote the skills of teachers to manage diversity in the classroom through methods based on storytelling. She is an Alumnus of the European Fellowship on Youth Leadership and a part of the Promoters for European Democracy movement, an initiative aiming to encourage social activism and dedication among young people in Romania.

Andreia Bessa

Andreia Bessa is an experienced trainer that works with groups for more than 20 years. Her expertise is related to the integration of creative and artistic tools in an inclusive format accessible for all. Andreia has been working with very diverse methodologies and groups around the globe. Non-formal education, experiential learning, and gamification are the main methods used. She is very passionate about her work and has strong ethics and values. Her passion is related to human rights and social justice. Thus, her work focus on topics like diversity, inclusion, anti-discrimination, intersectionality, empathy, active citizenship, and humanizing humanity.

* BrainUp Lab guarantees the training course only if the minimum numbers of 4 participants is reached.

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