Online Courses for Educators

Active and creative classes: non-formal learning in the educational environments

A course by Ana Duque, Andreia Bessa

This training is especially designed for educators who want to create harmony in their classroom and design group sessions that are inclusive.


Innovation class: going digital in a smart way

A course by Diana Ionita, Gabriel Brezoiu

The course aims to provide a framework for educational practitioners, including ways to effectively integrate and use digital tools in each step of the learning process – planning, teaching and learning, assessment.


Entrepreneurship education: a guide for educators

A course by Luiza Czajkowska, Flery Rusaki

This course starts with the baseline goal of improving entrepreneurship education and training as set out by the European Commission.


Multicultural teaching

A course by Andreia Bessa, Adelina Dragomir

Crash Course on Building Resilience – managing multiculturalism in the school environment. A nonformal learning journey adapted to the online education challenges.  


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

A course by Gabriel Brezoiu, Adelina Dragomir

Digital Citizenship Education – turning our students into responsible digital citizens. A non-formal learning journey adapted to the online education challenges.