brainup lab Photography-course

Erasmus+ Training


This course is eligible for the Erasmus+ funding programme

“All of Sicily is a dimension of the imagination”- Leonardo Sciascia

The importance of photography as an art and as a medium has risen greatly during the last few decades. From a practical method of capturing memories, photography has become a true form of artistic expression, with the most expensive pieces being sold for millions of dollars on auctions. Anyone with a camera can take a photograph, but to take pictures that really capture a moment, feeling or emotion requires at least a bit of talent, and a lot of learning and practice. There is no better place to practice photography than Sicily, what Sigmund Freud called “a stunning orgy of colours, scents, and lights” and where one breathtaking sight follows another in amazing consistency.

Target Group – Artists, photographers, photography students.

Objectives – The main objective of the course is to help the participants in understanding how job applications work at any given level, so that they can use this knowledge to improve their skills at application writing, promoting themselves via social media, prepare for job interviews through simulations, etc. Besides this, participants will also be provided with insight into how to smoothly and quickly get integrated into coherent groups and get along easily with new colleagues. The course can not only help workers and job seekers, but also Human Resources staff and anyone working in similar areas.

Methodology – The main objective of the course is to help the participants grow in their knowledge and understanding of professional photography, to nourish the talents the students arrive with. The training will shed light on the different aspects of the trade, not only on the process of taking a good picture, but also on digital picture processing, which is an important but often under-appreciated aspect of photography. At the end of the course, the participants will have a much better understanding of the whole process, from the first beam of inspiration to the finishing touches on the picture, thus teaching them a comprehensive view on the subject. They will also have the opportunity to participate in the photo contest “Sicilia a Prima Vista” (“Sicily through international glasses”), where winners will be given wide-range recognition.

Detailed Description – The participants of this course will acquire a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge on how to take, improve and develop photographs. They will have the chance to put what they have learnt to practice, with frequent and detailed feedback on their performance and how to improve. The course will also include visits to real professional studios where the participants will have the chance to see how the actual method of editing, developing, etc. looks like. In the end, an exhibition will be held where they can receive comments on their work from both each other and professionals.

Training Outcomes – At the end of the training, the participants are expected to have gained a lot of new skills as well as a huge amount of inspiration for future projects and performances. They will have the chance to share ideas and inspiration with fellow participants, while also experiencing how professional photography works in practice. Through their expanded skillset and experiences from a foreign culture, they will not only become better artists, but will also expand their career opportunities both domestically and internationally.

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