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Erasmus+ Training


This course is eligible for the Erasmus+ funding programme

The course will start with explanations on what it means for an aspiring entrepreneur to start a new business, especially in terms of legal and financial difficulties and responsibilities, while also putting emphasis on the benefits of making such an important decision. Participants will be provided with extensive resources before, during, and after the training which will give them a strong base for the future project. They will also be introduced to the so-called business incubators, meeting entrepreneurs who have started their business via this formula so that they can learn about its benefits. After building up their theoretical and practical knowledge, the participants will develop their own business plan which will be evaluated in detail by professionals.

Target Group

  • Individuals aspiring to start a new business;
  • Teachers (especially from commercial and economics fields).

Objectives – The course aims to provide a foundation of knowledge and a base of practical experience that helps participants to have a detailed view on how to establish a business. The skills they will gain will help them to understand the difficulties of such process and teach them how to overcome any potential difficulty in order to make sure that they establish a functional and flourishing business on the long-term.

Methodology – The course provides a strong theoretical knowledge on how to start a business, which will help the participants to make the process much smoother in its starting phase. This knowledge will be supported by practical insights from professional entrepreneurs who will share their stories, including their initial difficulties and how they managed to overcome them as well as tips and tricks on making a business successful on the long term. Through this “active learning” method, the participants will be given first-hand indications on the process of establishing a company and will thus be well prepared to start their own business later.

Training Outcomes – The participants will first meet with local business leaders and learn about their motivation, difficulties and experiences on starting a private business. They will then get a comprehensive overview on the process, starting from the preparatory phase to the actual establishment of the company. They will also learn about business incubators, both in theory and from a successful Sicilian entrepreneur who started his business this way. At the end of the training, they will develop their own business plan which they present to their fellow attendees and business professionals who will evaluate them and give useful piece of advice for improvement.

By the end of the course, attendees are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and difficulties towards starting a new business, and to be able to deal with these issues easily and independently. Through the courses and the workshops, they will become confident in the world of business, not only in the traditional ways but also in business incubators and other special instruments and opportunities. They will also gain an understanding of the local way of managing a business, which will enrich their deeper understanding of business in general and give them a wider perspective on their management opportunities. Through their business plan and its evaluation from professionals, they will realize their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them to become better entrepreneurs.

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