Teacher Inspector

Teacher Inspector

This course is eligible for the Erasmus+ funding programme

What does a school inspector do? 

The method of school inspection largely depends on the country itself. Many countries now have a standardised form of school inspection, some of which is international and led by groups such as SICI (Standing International Conference of Inspectorates). This course offers participants the opportunity to learn about the Italian school inspection system, learn best practices, to speak to industry professionals and bring this knowledge back to their home country. 


Target group:

This course is suitable for school inspectors and headmasters. Alternatively, this course would suit teachers who are looking to understand more about school inspection processes, best practices and continue their professional career development. 


Objectives: The objectives of this course are to learn about Italian school inspection systems and compare with that of other countries, to learn more about NFE (non-formal education), meet with the Italian external school auditor and learn more about educational management thus identifying a range of best practices. 


Methodology: This course mixes informative classroom sessions usually held in the morning, with in situ observation and job-shadowing of those working in school inspection and quality assurance in the afternoon, along with interactive and participatory feedback and brainstorming sessions.


Detailed description/the training course will consist of the following activities: 

  • Getting to know NFE – Non formal Education
  • Comparing different systems of inspection, finding similarities and differences and looking to identify best practices from each
  • Meeting with the Italian external auditor to learn about the legality, regularity and correctness of the administrative & accounting management of educational institutions
  • Conducting an inspection in a local school
  • Meeting with headmasters from local second-level institutions 
  • Learning about inspection and compliance in schools during Covid-19

Training outcomes: 

At the end of this course, participants should have a renewed knowledge of teaching inspection practices and have identified best practices to apply to their work. In addition to this, participants will have applied their knowledge in practical settings, through school visits and inspections, as well as through sharing and learning from industry professionals. 

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